SoHo Traffic Complaints

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SoHo disturbed by incessant Long Island to New Jersey traffic, drivers' honking, blocking the grid at EVERY intersection going West along Broome: Lafayette, Crosby, Broadway, Mercer etc.

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  • 430 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho

    This is 5pm Thanksgiving and the drivers going west to the tunnel have lined up along Broome St and impatiently honked incessantly one leaves off as the nest starts up, since about 9 this morning. SHown, they block the grid: green light, but North bound car cannot cross them. PEDESTRIANS have to weave through tight knit of cars. The driver of one was texting and when he sensed the traffic move DID'NT LOOK UP WHILE HE RELEASED THE BRAKE AND STARTED ROLLING FORWARD, which would have HIT ME crossing with the light, except that I was on the lookout and dodged successfully. THIS IS DANGEROUS! You would not live like this - why make us???

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  • Lafayette St At Broome NYC, NY - Little Italy

    Usual Friday eve, traffic gridlocked here, but now it blocks an ambulance with lights flashing and siren blaring. No one moves. Meanwhile the tunnel-bound cars block the intersection, in the middle of Manhattan, a mile or so away. They HONK forever, and make screechingly bad noise heard blocks around, with impunity for the $350 no honking signs two blocks away in either direction. Where are any police?

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  • 436 Broome St Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho

    the drivers honk all day, they get no where, there is just lots of other people crossing Manhattan on streets who should be using the Verrazano Bridge from Long Island to New Jersey, but they'd rather save the, what, $12? so they sit in traffic. so they get esasperated at the long wait. whose fault is that? why do we residents have to endure this? ! ?

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