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  • 132-152 Lamberton St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    Laydon Industries continues to crush rocks in this neighborhood area despite a cease and desist order from the City of New Haven -- from which it receives contracts! Air quality is severely compromised, and the noise levels are high. Would a company ever try to get away with this in a rich neighborhood? NO!

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  • 16 King Place New Haven, CT - Hill

    This is soooo inspiring. A group of men on my block have come together and with their shovels and personal snow blowers, the are digging/plowing the one block that seperates us from the main street that has been plowed. They're halfway done. There is a man who lives across from me who started this effort with his snow blower and he has a truck with a snow plow on a truck - not big, but if he can get his truck out, then they may make it to the main road. Now they may not be able to finish ... but I am grateful that they are pulling together in a collective effort to help each other out and do something for this neighborhood.

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  • Hallock Street New Haven, CT - Hill

    Our street has not been plowed. We haven't seen or heard a snow plow. But the intersection of Columbus Avenue has been plowed.

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  • barking dog Archived
    632-640 Washington Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    the dog at 637 Washington doesn't stop barking and the owners seem ro think this is normal/acceptable. he's kept outside all day and barks at anything that moves. this is a quality of life issue for neighbors in this densely populated area.

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  • 599-607 Congress Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    At this intersection there is a school, a very busy Chinese greasy spoon, a police substation and a grocery store. I watched a group of kids coming from the store and heading to the playground behind the school stand for 5 minutes waiting to cross until they finally stepped out into traffic forcing the cars to stop or hit them.

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  • 2-70 Wilson St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    drug activity. Being generated from house in corner opposite liquor store. same side of street.

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  • Disabled Vet Archived
    128-158 Davenport Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    My friend is a disabled vet. He goes to the V.A. Community center, on Front st. in West Haven, for group's everyday. The problem is, he has to ride his mobile wheelchair in the street from Davenport & Vernon st. to the center everyday because of the snow mound's every were, the city buses can't lower there wheelchair ramp any where along the street. There's no room. not only that, the curb ramp's are not shoveled. So the disabled have to stay home or risk there lives riding down snow and ice'd street's, this is unexceptable. The American's with Disabilitie's Act Prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in Employment, Transportation, Public Accommodation etc. The city is accommodating car's and the walking by plowing, but they made know accommodations for the disabled. Let's get with it New Haven, live's are at stake here.

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  • 39 Truman St New Haven, CT - Hill

    Monday 11:21am. This is one of many habitual resident offenders who is currently and constantly parking in NO STANDING ANYTIME zone. Requesting NH Parking Enforcement to please come out and ticket this gray Toyota SUV CT plates 1AAGN6. Thank you.

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  • 35 Frank Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Hill

    The property at 35 frank st new haven,ct is a total eye sore. The landlord/owner has let the property decay--furthermore next to 35 frank st there is a light green house which is abandoned also another eye sore and a hazard. The landlord/owner had never bother to fix it. The owners/landlords of such properties need to be fine or lose the property.

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  • 560 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    The light on Ella T Grasso next to the cemetary and for the school/businesses where the Flea Market is held needs a cop to man traffic. People do NOT adhere to the light at all. I was almost hit today leaving the parking lot because someone else ran the red light for EllaT! Traffic is a great pain in the butt for this location on the weekends. People even take a left hand turn from EllaT into the RightTurnEXIT from the parking lot to try to beat all the entering people...which means they also bypass the "parking toll people". Sure, a cop was there stopping him but missed the next person that did it and the cop was in the wrong location - next to the "parking toll people" and not AT the light! This is in urgent need of some major attendance!

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  • drug sales Archived
    78-102 Hurlburt St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    there is active drug selling and using around the 90 hurlburt street area and i believe the people live there.

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  • 34 Truman Street New Haven, CT - Hill

    This vehicle is parked in a NO STANDING zone and has been there for over 48 hours. Please ticket immediately. It belongs to a resident who is one of the habitual offenders on this street Thank you.

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